At SIS-Prosegur, we work to promote cash use as a “freedom of choice” option, aiming multichannel banking inclusion, by making it safer, faster, more secure, available and reliable, contributing in the end to GDP growth and a bigger and better India. We provide our clients with the most advanced world in class solutions of the market, equipped with the latest technology and designed to bring value.

We are a company that delivers results through a strong confluence of our human team, innovation and technology, and customer orientation. We offer integrated Cash and Valuables Management solutions to citizens, the banking industry, private, public and corporate entities, multinational companies, and other high-end profile clients.

Our Philosophy


To satisfy the needs and exceed expectations of our clients by offering a comprehensive range of transport, processing and vaulting solutions.

To improve the overall efficiency of the cash cycle by working proactively and anticipating market trends.

To innovate with the aim of occupying an active and increasing role on the cash & valuables cycle.

To ensure a safe work environment for our employees and to help them develop to their true potential.

To adapt to the most advanced cash management technology and best international practices for Indian market conditions and requirements.

To invest in creation of best-in-class infrastructure for cash logistics operations with a long-term approach.

To collaborate actively to professionalize and dignify the industry.


To be the leader in the cash and valuables management industry in India by providing best in class operational practices, technology and quality assurance to customers.

Our Presence

Branches & Hubs

Vault Offices



Own vehicles for transporting valuables