Cash Replenishment and FLM Services

SIS-Prosegur offers cash replenishment and FLM (First Level Maintenance) services for ATMs and other SST (Self Service Terminals). Based on our extensive coverage, SIS-Prosegur is capable to offer these services across all Indian states to public and private banks. These activities are carried out by our staff, assisted by different technological tools to mitigate risk, give visibility and record operations, and finally ensuring complete and valid reporting.

atm maintenance

FLM services are monitored locally from our regional call centres, and centrally from our corporate call centre, to ensure TAT (turnaround time) is fulfilled. To exceed customer expectation, SIS-Prosegur has deployed dedicated FLM custodians to reinforce ATM routes crew.

As part of our compliance commitment, SIS-Prosegur was the first cash management company in India to incorporate OTC (random locks) in all ATMs were serviced, guaranteeing alignment with regulation and as part of our demonstrated industry leadership on risk mitigation, which has made our company the lowest in terms of relative and absolute losses, as endorsed by Lloyds of London.

atm maintenance

As per recent regulation by RBI and MHA in 2018, SIS-Prosegur started replenishment services under cassette swap mode, which has meant specific adaptation of vehicles, software systems and infrastructure to be able to fulfil successfully operations as per customers recognition, guaranteeing cassettes -so cash traceability and security. Results show, when compared to top-up operations mode, improvement on ATMs up-time and cash usage.


Industry Leadership

Lowest losses (in relative and absolute terms). First company in India in incorporate OTC to all ATMs we serviced. Cassette swap operations.

Cutting Edge Technology Involved

Suite of technological and SW tools to work on sync to improve customer experience and for internal control and efficiency.


Trained, experienced and with two layers of verification.

Risk Mitigation Policy

Independent audit team from operations, carrying out routine, surprise and mass audits, which factually render results.

Investment on Guaranteeing Service Outcome

More independent auditors per ATM than any other player in the industry. Independent FLM custodians team. Local call centres plus corporate call-centre. Local recon verifiers for checking hard copies of operational docs on the spot.