National Operations Centre (NOC)

National Operations Centre (NoC) occupies a key and central part of our risk mitigation framework by monitoring 24*7 and nationwide vehicles transporting cash and their moves along with main activities being carried out at our vaults / branches. NoC also reserves vault doors access through OTC random locks that demand real time system generated passwords to open them, making direct cash access not be fully and independently managed at local level.


By permanent monitoring, apart from giving an extra layer of security to operations, allow process deviations to be identified and corrected immediately.


Vaults / Branches Monitoring

All branches and vaults are integrated with NoC. Main activities in our premises are being monitored and controlled centrally, correcting process deviations and applying continuous improvement.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicles transporting cash plying across all states are being monitored and controlled through VTS / GPS at NoC on real times basis.

Vaults Opening

S&G locks installed in all vault doors are operated and managed by NoC centrally.

Process Compliance

Through operational centres monitoring, being capable to verify operational correctness and change wrong practices.

High Risk Vehicles (HRCV)

Especial attention deserves high-risk vehicles monitoring, defined as per risk parameters like intercity movements / transit through dangerous geographical areas / high value cargo.

national operating centre

NoC controls and supervises upkeep of security systems installed in vehicles, vaults and offices, responding to any security alert is triggered and taking immediate action to support field or office staff.