Cash Today©

CashToday© is the SIS-Prosegur holistic back-office cash solution for retail and businesses in general, built by the fusion of DSB services with an intelligent cash depository machine embedded with Prosegur SW, offering:

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  • A more secured business place: as soon as cash is generated in the retail/business, can be deposited in the machine, which has a safe box. Safe box has a random lock, which key is given from SIS-Prosegur call-center to SIS-Prosegur staff at the time of cash collection. Cash depository machine SW rejects counterfeits and invalid banknotes. Machine gives a printed proof of cash deposited. All transactions are recorded in the machine SW and transmitted on-line to SIS-Prosegur and customer. Since the moment cash is inside the machine it is SIS-Prosegur full and exclusive responsibility.
  • Multiuser deposits.
  • Allows to decrease the number of visits for cash collection, by reducing overall logistics cost.
  • Allows to rationalize retail/business staff (cashiers), as machine counts automatically banknotes while depositing, and rejects counterfeits and invalid ones.
  • Gives visibility to cash, because all cash deposits are immediately visualized and aggregated, which enhances business/retail control, especially when dealing with a high number of shops/cash deposit points.
  • SIS-Prosegur is responsible of business/retail cash collection from the machine and cash deposit in business/retail bank account, according to a pre-defined cash limit within the machine.

Solution is offered by means of a monthly charge that includes all related services, including machine, maintenance, 24 hours assistance, cash collection and deposit, reporting, insurance, consumables, SW solution licenses and updates.

CashToday © is thought to decrease overall cash cost to business/retail by giving the solution to the equation of cash cost (in the machine) vs cash logistics cost vs retail/business staff dedicated to cash operations, by promoting a more cash efficient use in business/retail.

Some of the industries use this solution are: hospitals, education facilities, supermarkets, retail shops, liquor shops, petrol/gas stations, highway tolls, pharmacies, malls, cinemas, restaurants, and in general any business in which cash is generated.

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