Cash in Transit

SIS-Prosegur is the largest service provider and owns the largest Cash in Transit (CIT) fleet in India. SIS-Prosegur guarantees the best transport service of cash, coins, and other valuables on behalf of our clients from one point to another, by road or air.

security van

SIS-Prosegur has a fleet of secured vehicles, distributed across India, which guarantees extensive local coverage, and makes it possible to attend any transport requirements, by means of Dedicated Cash Vehicles (DCV) for permanent daily services, either “on-call” vehicles to attend seasonal or non-daily needs.

Vehicles are fabricated as per Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) regulations, and are equipped with CCTV and tracking system, being monitored locally and from our National Operations Centre (NoC), the latter by staff independent of Operations. Staff uses our own technology for operational control enhancement and operations registration, i.e.: our fleet app for route total distance registration, and our own CIT app for staff attendance, which allow main service variables being processed seamlessly.


International Standards

Vehicles fabricated as per Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines for outsourcing of cash management activities of Banks (2018) and Ministry of Home Affairs (MoH) law for valuables management (2018).

Trained and Regularized Crew

Trained and accredited with 4 verification layers by third party.

CCTV Enabled

CCTV cameras with recording.

GPS Enabled

GPS Tracking with online surveillance.

Flexible Vehicle Availability

Capability to provide vehicles on “on call” / “ad hoc basis”.

Operational Control

National Operational Centre (NoC) and fleet and CIT apps as assistant elements to give visibility and control to Operations.

Pan India Network

Services available across India.