Doorstep Banking (DSB)

Doorstep Banking (DSB) services mean cash delivery and/or collection to/from customers on behalf of the bank, including a wide range of demand industries: Government organisations, public transport, malls, hospitality, logistics, e-commerce, retail, outlets, shops, cinemas, tolls, pharmacies, insurance, liquor shops, etc.

security cargo

SIS-Prosegur has been through SISCO, our full-subsidiary, the pioneer of doorstep banking services in India, and because of that acquired and has maintained nationwide reputation for reliability and security, guaranteeing peace of mind to our clients while managing their cash.

Service implies beyond the cash delivery or collection, on-site counting and verification, cash processing, cash vaulting, cash merging, bank deposit (on same or next day) either bank transfer through RTGS/NEFT across India. Cash is collected in tampered proof sealed bags with a unique seal number and is opened one by one under CCTV surveillance at the cash processing area of our vault. Cash is verified for counterfeits, shortages and mutilated notes. Once the cash is verified then is merged denomination wise in packets of 100 and bundles of 1000 pieces and deposited in our vaults within corresponding bank’s bin.


Technology Driven DSB Operations

In house technology - mobile application (SOL mobile) and customized barcode traceability for cash pickup supported on android/IOS, offering immediate notification by sms/email of the cash collection/delivery.

Trained and Verified Crew

Screened and well-trained crew.

Route Strategy

Alternate route strategy followed for security purpose.

GPS and CCTV System

GPS tracking with online surveillance and recording.


Use of tampered proof bags with bar code seals for full cash traceability.

Management Process

Comprehensive insurance coverage throughout the whole cash value chain.

Cash delivery and/or collection


SIS-Prosegur services more than 25,000 cash collection/delivery points on behalf of our clients and deposit it in their respective bank accounts driven by our own technology SOL mobile, which helps control operations and cash visibility and automation to our customers.

handheld security

SOL mobile for DSB services allows full cash traceability through bar code reading and management through the entire cash chain, push sms and email notifications of cash collections/deliveries, and imaging capturing of proof of collection/delivery.

Network Currency Management (Cash Burial)

In order to increase cash velocity and facilitate cash rotation, offering solution to bank network coverage limitation, SIS-Prosegur offers for those financial institutions do not have available branches in respective locations where to deposit the cash collected from clients that hold a bank account with them, Network Currency Management services (Cash Burial).

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Network Currency Management (Cash Burial) services allow banks to strength their commercial reach by operating in a wider territory than that delimited by the geographical footprint of their branches. In addition, banks save on manpower dedicated to cash management (cash deposit) and infrastructure cost.