Cash Processing Centre (CPC)

All cash processing centres (CPCs) at SIS Prosegur has been designed following best international practices from Prosegur, in terms of lay-out, building standards, processes design and security systems, to create a more secured, safety, error-proof and more efficient working environment.

cash processing centre

Lay-out is key as a conductive element that supports internal operational and security processes establishment, avoiding errors by separating workflows and demarcating workstations. Lay-out allows cash flows follow a natural progression without crossings. Over a correct lay-out establishing processes is faster, helping fixing standards.

CPCs are the working environment for cash processing; consequently, security is an inherent element to the working place, by setting up the right combination of systems, minimising interference to operations with the necessary security requirements. Typical systems include interlocking doors, cameras, seismic sensors.

cash processing centre
security cargo

Our first priority is our human capital, reason why safety is an integral part of the CPCs design. Thus, fire extinction systems, emergency exists, high pressure installation for cleaning cash processing machines to diminish dusty environment, air condition with air filtering systems, uniform adapted to minimise accidents are part of our standards.



Our CPCs are acknowledged as the benchmark in India.

Safety Environment

Everything to create a safe working place for our human capital, to foster retention and motivation, by targeting 0 medical leave.

Process and Security Conductive Lay-Out

Lay-out to facilitate and define working flows, to create a lean, efficient and error-free environment.

Security at The Core

Cash means security. However, SIS-Prosegur security approach tries to interfere minimally in operations by implementing non-invasive elements to create a non-disrupting working environment but strongly controlled and supervised.


Error Free

The moment cash is received at the premise, we follow the security and operational protocols that include constant video surveillance, responsibility transfer and extensive documentation supported by our systems.


Our staff is duly verified with the help of different internal and external background checks to maintain highest levels of integrity, thus reducing internal fraud risks.


All entries and exits in the premises are controlled and only granted to employees with relevant clearance.


Our experienced staff wears specially designed uniforms, which along with the thorough frisking at the time of entry and exit, help prevent unwanted incidents and foster a safety working environment.