Valuables Management

Due to our dual nature, SIS-Prosegur offers a comprehensive service range of domestic and international door to door services, including transportation and vaulting for Gold, Dore, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and other valuables like credit/debit cards, prepaid cards, courts and notary documents, etc., including customs clearance if required. SIS-Prosegur can take the cargo insurance responsibility, which policy is underwriter by Lloyds of London.


On the foreign part the service is supported by Prosegur International Logistics unit and the domestic operations of Prosegur across the globe. On the Indian domestic side it is carried out by the extensive network of SIS-Prosegur across India, which covers the entire territory. Because of that, SIS-Prosegur is capable to offer without third party subcontracting, which offers additional reliability, cargo routes between Latam, most of Europe, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines and India, which represents a unique case in the country.

SIS-Prosegur services in India include valuables transportation by air or road and vaulting capabilities, as per customers demand. All valuables movement are carried out in our High-Risk Vehicles, which besides fulfilling RBI guidelines and MHA regulation are equipped with the last technology to allow operate them remotely, are geofenced and continuously monitored from our National Operations Center (NoC). Our NoC supervises and monitors the operations as well at vaults, which are equipped with random locks only actionable from our NoC.


Door to door solution

By means of Prosegur domestic operations worldwide and the extensive network of SIS-Prosegur in India, offering a complete service under same organisation, with no subcontracting.

Single point customer relationship

Whole service involving two domestic operations and international transport managed and coordinated by a single person in the Indian end.


SIS-Prosegur has been rendering these services since 2012, while Prosegur for more than 40 years.

Risk management at the core with acknowledged results

Risk mitigation focussed organisation that is recognised as the lowest, in terms of losses, by The Lloyds of London in India.