High Risk Vehicles (HRCV)

High risk vehicles are those daily defined according to the outcome of risk parameters assessment like intercity movements, transit through dangerous geographical areas, high value cargo.

security van

All high-risk vehicles (HRCV) are continuously monitored from NoC and their route geofenced, to trigger an alarm in case route is altered.

Beyond, high-risk vehicles (HRCV) are equipped, in addition to the systems in standard secured vehicles, with on-line cameras for crew and cargo areas, OTC from NoC for vehicle vault door, panic alarm switch that triggers an alert to NoC in emergency situations and SMS alert followed by IVR call to crew. Finally, these vehicles can be immobilized from NoC in case of need, independently of crew behaviour.

security van

All the above, exceeding existing rules and regulations, to offer our clients the security comfort and trust on our company operations.


Continuous Monitoring

NoC monitors all high risk vehicles, which are defined daily according to routes composition.

Secured Movements

HRCVs routes are geo-fenced before starting, to trigger alarm in case of alteration.

OTC Locks

Vault door inside vehicles can only be operated through OTC issued by NoC.

Auto Dialer

If Panic switch is pressed, auto dialer sends an SMS alert followed by an IVR call.


These vehicles can be immobilized during emergency situations from NoC, independently of crew behaviour.