Cash Forecasting

Cash Forecasting is a predictive process that includes a team formed by a specialised software and trained and experienced staff that analyse historical cash data flows to present probable requirements in the future.

cash forescasting

With the aim of reducing cash use while maintaining cash availability, optimizing logistics and reducing overall cost to banks, our forecast tool uses Artificial Neural Network Technologies (ANN) to give a first rough prediction of future cash demand and supply, to be adjusted by analysts. The software system is specifically designed to forecast cash demand patterns and unique events impacting cash usage using non-linear equations rather than the typical linear formula.

Our analysis' outcome is a forecast of future cash consumption with precision; meaning when, where and how much cash is to be transported, by optimizing operational and financial costs of our customers.

Typical cash consumption points for cash forecasting services are ATMs, bank branches and Currency Chests.

cash forescasting


Value Addition to our customers

Supporting our clients decrease their overall cash cost by minimising the balance between cash logistics and financial costs, by maintaining high levels of cash availability.

Customers integration and differentiation

Positioning our company as a strategic partner capable to ascend over the current cash services offering to arrive to a value proposition in our field of domain for loyalty strengthening.

Demonstrated tool and staff

Prosegur started to work with this tool in 2004. Since then, more than 25 countries and around 100,000 cash points have been incorporated.

Free proof of concept

By comparing for a selected number of cash points along an agreed period of time the current outcome in terms of cash demand vs cash forecasted, without interfering in the business, to be able to test benefits.