Cash Vaulting

SIS-Prosegur has lay-out, construction and security standards that exceed local regulation (RBI and MoH) dully adapted to vaults scale, which make us known for the quality and high security of them. As part of our effort to show to the Indian market the unique sort of company we are, SIS-Prosegur built the biggest private vault in India, designed according to the most stringent international standards.

cash vaulting

All our vaults are monitored and control 24*7 from our NoC in Delhi. Monitoring means having on-line access to all security cameras at a given premise, which allows security scrutiny and basic checks. All our vault doors are equipped with random locks. Only NoC is allowed to open vault doors, by giving to local staff, after proper identification, the temporary random key is required.

All deposited valuables in our vaults are fully covered by our extensive insurance policy, underwriter by Lloyd’s of London, to give extra assurance to our customers. All the above makes us the first customer’s choice for their vaulting needs, including not only cash and bullion but other valuables like the ink for printing Indian banknotes.

cash vaulting


International Standards Exceeding Local Regulation

Our vaults are designed according to international standards to render high security services.

Standards Adapted to Vaults Scale

In order to arrive to the right balance between cost and operational needs, our vaults are designed following standards adapted to their scale.

Highly Secured and Safe Environment

Our vaults are under regular surveillance of centralised NoC team and well equipped with numerous security and sage equipment like vibration sensors, CCTVs, boom barriers, extinguishers, fire detectors, interlocking doors and remote-controlled gates among others.

Dedicated Vaulting

Customer wise dedicated vaulting space and separate cages for coins and cash.