Cash Management System (SCO)

SCO is a whole proprietary system developed by Prosegur intended to comprehensive operational control of cash logistic and cash processing operations in an integrated manner.


SCO affords visibility and traceability to company operations, allowing to improve productivity and enhance quality.


SCO compiles daily operational data from operational mobile applications of cash officers and transform it into information that allows to generate payroll and services billing.


SCO holds a central position in the entire operational set up, fused with our key systems to guarantee business data accuracy and integrity.

SCO allows, among other features the following:

  • Clients’ indents incorporation.
  • Detailed routes composition, including service points, crew and vehicle.
  • Cash check and balances control along the whole cash value chain, i.e.: vault, route preparation, route delivery, route execution, route closure.
  • On-line routes execution control.
  • Cash counting and processing operations, maintaining customer cash traceability.
  • Cassette swap operations, maintaining cassettes, cash and seals control from cassettes filing till their return to the cash processing centre.