Cash access is citizens right and societal need. However, due to increasing safety concerns, opening restrictions of bank branches, queues, and the difficulty of locating an ATM is working and in transacting mode in vicinity can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Regarding ATMs, task can be even tougher if it is pretended machine to be from the same bank the debit card is, to be eligible for free transactions, and even after finding it may happen it doesn’t service the amount in the denominations are sought.

worker app mobile

Conscious of these issues SIS-Prosegur has initiated a solution to help a more inclusive India, overcoming these issues by a mobile application that may allow any user with a bank account to get the desirable amount anywhere, at his/her hotel, restaurant, hospital, club, home or office in the selected denominations, delivered comfortably and safer at his/her doorstep.


Convenient service, saving time and hassle free

Cash when and how required without the need to spend time for it.

Preferred Denominations

Ensuring you get cash as per your choice.

Easy to Transact

Through your bank account with dual confirmation.


It keeps all threats away since cash is being delivered at your preferred location.


No need to stand in long queues or crowded places, preventing you from being affected by diseases.